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Anaphora: A Reference Guide is a suite of essays that document at the significant result of fresh learn in anaphora and set the degree for extra inquiry.

  • Reports at the significant result of contemporary study in anaphora and units the degree for extra inquiry.
  • Features contributions from one of the world's best researchers on anaphora.
  • Presents a thrilling photograph of ways vast the phenomenon of anaphora is and the way it will possibly demonstrate many mysterious homes of language.
  • Includes articles of curiosity to many disciplines, together with philosophy of language, philosophy of brain, cognitive technological know-how, linguistics, language reports, cognitive psychology, and psycholinguistics.

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The relevant discussion is also found in Webelhuth (1989) and Yoshimura (1992). TWO SCRAMBLING CONSTRUCTIONS IN JAPANESE (39) 37 Saito’s (1992) analysis of the OS-type construction: a. at S-structure: the DL is adjoined to IP b. at LF: (i) the movement is undone, (ii) the chain is reanalyzed as an A-chain, or (iii) the DL is regarded to be in an A′-position. (cf. e. ” Incidentally, Saito (1992) considers (41) as evidence supporting the claim that Scrambling can be an A′-movement, assimilating (41) with the topicalization in English in (42b): (41) (42) ti hihansita] (koto) Zibunzisin-oi [Hanakoi-ga self-ACC Hanako-NOM criticized fact “(the fact that) Herselfi , Hanakoi criticized ti” (Saito 1992: (17), (53), (58), (71)) a.

NP-ACC/DAT (= DL) . . 21 Therefore, the properties of the OS-type construction should be classified as follows: (45) (46) 21 Properties of the Deep OS-type (one more to be added later): Absence of WCO effects Properties of the Surface OS-type (one more to be added later): a. Preservation of WCO effects b. Reconstruction effects c. Literal reconstruction of a wh-phrase I have not yet shown the examples of the OS-type construction preserving the WCO effects, but they will be introduced in section 4 below.

Saito (1992) seemingly assumes that the contrast between (19a) and (19b) indicates that the availability of the anaphoric relation in (18) is related to the A/A′ distinction: (19) a. [Which picture of Johni]j did hei like tj (van Riemsdijk and Williams 1981:201 (86a), cf. Lebeaux 1990:319 (2c)) b. [John’si mother]j seems to himi [tj to be smart] (Saito 1992:90 (47a)) On the basis of the observation that configuration (18) is not always clearly acceptable with the OS-type construction, Saito argues that Scrambling “cannot be analyzed simply as A movement” (1992:91).

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